Having had to choose between vendors myself, it's a pain and can mean a lot of research is done outside the sales calls but would love to know everyone else's thought process on the following (if none apply, feel free to comment with your own reason(s)):

What are some of your reasons why one security vendor is chosen over another if they both provide similar services? If none apply, please choose Other and leave a comment!

  • Price
  • Reviews
  • Usability
  • Compatibility with your org’s environment
  • Other

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Support is a big part. No matter how good a solution is, there will always be a time where support is needed (usually in a stressful situation) and how a vendor handles a support call can make a world of a difference

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Thank you, @brandon_mcclure, that is very true!

A little late for the party, but as we are currently in the process of choosing a vendor (new one or extend solution with current vendor) for a network security related solution that suits our requirements, money really isn’t the biggest thing for us.

In our case it depends on some very vendor specific differences of the solution which shifts the choice most. Usability and of course the compatibility with our IT-environment is very importand to us. Usefull support as Brandon said is also importand but IMO you won’t get to know if it is any good untill you really need it the first time.


Flexibility is critical for security solutions as well. This leads to a future-proofed solution - as the technology within the organization changes, so too must the chosen tool be able to readily shift to accommodate these changes.

While certainly a part of the Usability bucket, readily supplying regulatory-related reporting is also critical in a number of industries. Having well-documented report criteria and templates already built in an easy-to-modify format reduces engineering time. This would also include executive reporting to ensure those who are in control of the purse strings can see the results of the investment.

Also part of the usability criteria is the ability to use existing tools the engineers and architects are already familiar with to exploit the data collected by the system so this data may readily flow into existing processes with which business users are already familiar. This speeds deployment and reduces deployment costs in terms of both dollars and resources needed.


@dporter and @RHolzer, it’s never too late for information!! Thank you!!

I know Sales Reps hate it, but during my POCs I try to break the product specifically to test the support. Nothing makes them sweat more, but I tell them that a POC in a bubble doesn’t mean anything to me, I want to know how it will be after go live.


@brandon_mcclure it’s been a minute since that process has been mentioned, much appreciated!!

Haha, that actually sounds familier. During POCs, we don’t do it on porpuse, but usually not everything works the way we think things should work and so we ask the support for help or to guide us, how their solution works for specific requirements we have.

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