Google Cloud Big Query Plugin doesn't load

I added the version of the Big Query plugin available on the marketplace today. When attempting to create a new workflow using it, it’s not listed as an available action.

The plugin shows up in the plugin manager, but not in the workflow

@matt_domko just curious, how did you add the plugin? I am trying to reproduce the error on my side so I want to follow the same steps that you did.

Clicked the “Get Extensions” button at the top of the InsightConnect console, browsed the marketplace, then clicked install. I’ll retest tomorrow to see if maybe it just took some time.

Can you open a support ticket on this one? We’re going to have to have someone look at your org and orchestrator I’m afraid.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

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Looks like all I had to do was THINK about opening a support ticket and it became available… No idea… maybe more patience was needed on my part? Thanks for the replies Joey :slight_smile:


That’s so weird. Well, again, we’re sorry for the inconvenience. I think this comes down to a replication issue on our end. When we release new plugins or versions, it cant take some time for them to release across all our regions.

Happy to hear this was resolved though.