Goals in Europe/UK are they always broken for everyone else?

I’ve had tickets stuck in Engineering backlog for 7 months now regarding Goals…they are completely unreliable. I’ve constantly got 4 or 5 tickets open , goals just stop reporting , or have strange results, or take forever to update.

we are UK based and tbh everything feels a bit ‘BETA’ , even the Azure integration. Anybody else in Europe/UK having similar issues ? I get the feeling it probably works ok in the US as I cant find any noise about it in general and we regard this as such an important piece for the patching teams to leverage I’m stunned it doesn’t seem to be getting fixed any time soon.

Hi Andy, I am the product manager responsible for Goals. We are sorry that you are running into issues with Goals. Based on our current incidents, we dont have any outages in your region so this may be account specific. Can you please provide some more details on what your issues are?
Let me know if it’s okay to share salesforce ticket numbers here?


Hey Naveen…thanks for reaching out!

Absolutely fine to share ticket numbers

They are all open…the details should be in the cases of what the issues are and what we have been told so far. Let me know if you need anything else

HI Andy, sorry for the delay. Our engineering team did more troubleshooting and I will be posting more updates here.
For now

  1. 00251460 - “inaccurate data issue” is fixed and shipped on 01/22/2021
  2. 00299627 - Prioritized high and the team is looking into it.

Will add more updates on this ticket

Adding more info here -

  1. 00251460 - “inaccurate data issue” is fixed and shipped on 01/22/2021
  2. 00299627 - Our team needs more info on this ticket. I will work with support to reach out to you.
  3. 00299332 - this ticket was opened because of slowness in the updating of goals but we did improve performance in the last two months. Please let us know if you still see the issue?
  4. 00273182 - This ticket is not reproducible on our end and can you give us more information?

Our support team is organizing a call with you. We will try to take care of this as a high priority. Appreciate your patience

Hi Naveen , thanks for coming back

    • This is the first id heard its been fixed. Ill keep an eye on it and see, I would say the non updating ‘getting stuck in time’ does seem to have alleviated , but has been replaced with all the other issues we are struggling with. As the case has been sitting in ‘Engineering Backlog’ since June last year I was waiting for an official word.
  1. We were told this is due to the performance issues you currently have by support. Ive got live examples now on my dashboard that show remediation steadily climbing and then just dropping to zero.

  2. This ticket has been closed. we are monitoring ( when we can rely on goals to show accurate info )

4.This is similar to the goals dropping to zero , but as you can see from all the screenshots , goes up , drops down , goes up a bit more, drops down etc.

Just an update in case anybody is interested.

Things are getting worse. So many goals and projects broken now we have literally given up and deleted them all today. Such a shame is it was a good tool last year when it worked. With reports in the state they are also im not actually sure how we are going to track remediations now. Maybe its time to go back to SCCM or look at other solutions.