GMail Plugin - Modifying an email


2 things, I would like to add a label so I added in the query [“phishing”] as I want that to be the name. Is that right? as my workflow fails.
Also how do I modify the email to be unread?

The use use is that I have a shared mailbox, the workflow checks the emails and assigns them a label. Another workflow then reads the mailbox again and performs actions based on the label of the email.

Does the workflow fail in that the label doesn’t get added to the email? Or is something else failing? Seeing the action you’re using to do it + the output may make it easier to figure out what’s going on here.

I looked this up and apparently “unread” is just another message label. If you go to the Gmail API docs, you can see that they have an endpoint for modifying labels. So I think what you’d do is pass in ['UNREAD'] as the label you want to add to that email, and it should work.