GMail Plugin - manual update


I have a yellow do on my workflow to update my plugins, the gmail one is manual. How do I update it?
Ive edited the workflow but I cant see an option.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

If you go into that workflow (edit the workflow), it will typically give you an error message telling you what’s wrong.

If it’s a manual update, it’s because the plugin got a major version bump. In this case, I believe you’re going to 6.0+ of the gmail plugin. Looking at the change log, it looks like we changed the inputs for “Send Email”. In that case, it should just be a matter of going into any “Send Email” steps and look for missing input.

Phil, What I do is go to the Step that needs updating, then click the “Previous” button until you get to the Plugin selection, there is a dropdown when you can choose the newer version. Then you would go through like setting it up again. What I noticed when doing this though is that it resets all the fields so make sure you note what they were before doing this. It would be nice if it remembered the fields that didn’t change (like the name field) when doing this

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Awesome cheers for that.