Global Artifact Enhancements

I really would like to be able to pull all the information from a global artifact into a workflow that I could perform data manipulation on and then output to an email or some type of report. For example we have all phishing emails sent to a global artifact, I would like to pull all the records from that artifact into a workflow and then pull the domains, subdomains, decisions, etc… for each record create a report that can be sent out from the workflow to the appropriate people. Currently I do it via an export from the global artifact into a CSV file and then do data manipulation on Excel, this is cumbersome and time consuming to do manually. Having a workflow that ran automatically and did that for me would be super helpful.

Hey @michael_cochran, I normally solve this by adding a boolean field to all of my GA’s and set it to true. That way, if I need to pull all of the records I just lookup all of the entries that are set to true in that field and then do what I want with them in the workflow.

Hope this helps!

Good idea, didn’t think about that. Thanks man.

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