Getting Started with the InsightVM API

Want to better familiarize yourself with the InsightVM API? Check out our new Rapid7 InsightVM API Examples repo to get started!

If you’re newer to API’s, take a look at the homepage where we walk through a few different basic API concepts. You can then select the “v3” folder in the repo (this refers to version 3 of the API) and choose “Ruby” or “Python” as the language you’d prefer to see for our API examples.

In each directory, we have a couple of working scripts that demonstrate and execute a particular API use case. Check out the “run-scan” directory under both Ruby and Python to see a script that enables you to launch a scan based on a specified Scan ID. The actual script file will either be run-scan.rb or, depending on the language selected.

Feel free to use these scripts in your own environment, or even build upon them to do more with the InsightVM API. Check out the VM API docs here for a full overview of the available endpoints:

And if you have any scripts (or updates) you’d like to contribute to this repo, feel free to submit them and we’ll give them a review!