Getting an error when I start a scan

Whenever I try to run a scan, I get errors such as “Failed: All Scan Engines in the Engine Pool are Offline or unavailable”

I am unable to troubleshoot. Please help

If you go into the scan and use the option Download Scan Data and then check the log files in there you might be able to find something.

We had an issue that showed like this on our Ubuntu scan engines.
In the scan logs it said that the engines had a restart pending.
After restarting the engine it started to work again.

But then the issue would come back a short while later saying that the server needed a restart.

After opening a case with support it was a “known” issue and we had to do a repair of the installation.

As Richard said, the scan data might give you some more information around the failure. There’s usually an indication early on in the log files for each of the engines as to why it responded in this way, but it can very much depend on the issue.

Have you tried running a scan using only one of the engines in the pool on its own (so not via the pool at all) as a control test?

There are some other common things we typically check for, but without knowing the configuration of the pool in terms of number of engines and such it’s a bit difficult to put anything forward.
Feel free to let me know how it’s put together and we can look at a few more things :slight_smile: