Generate Report on YTD Vulnerabilities remediated

I’m trying to get some numbers together for our end of the year KPI’s and I’d like to generate a report that tells how many vulnerabilities have been remediated Year to Date. I’ve come across some information about Data Warehousing but I’m not sure if that’s the only way. Any help would be greatly appreciated,

[Resolution] For archival purposes I’ll put the method I figured out to take care of this problem. It’s not clean, or pretty, but it works. This only works if you’ve been scanning sites regularly for the whole year.

  1. From the site overview make an excel sheet with all of your site names.
  2. Enter the first site and click “View Scan History”
  3. At the bottom, Export to CSV.
    Column F holds the dates, and column J holds the total remediated since the last scan.
  4. Find the bottom of column F, remove all previous dates that don’t apply.
  5. Click on a blank space to the right and paste " =SUM(J2:J500) " (Assuming you don’t have more than 500 scans)
  6. The number that it outputs is the total number of vulnerabilities remediated within your pre-determined time (step 4)