Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions regarding our new Extensions Library and this forum. If there’s something you want us to further clarify, ask away!

What’s an extension?
Extensions are add-ons that enhance or extend the functionality of Rapid7 Insight products. Extensions come in different shapes and sizes, including integrations between Rapid7 and third party products, SOAR plugins, and automation workflows.

What’s an integration?
Integrations enable interoperability between a Rapid7 Insight product and a third-party technology to facilitate an end-to-end solution. Integrations can be standalone (configured and managed outside the Insight product interface), or native (configured and managed from the Insight product interface).

What’s a workflow?
A workflow is a series of steps executed to help streamline and automate security processes. Workflows are made of triggers, which kick-start the automation, and steps, which map to your security processes and integrate your tools.

What’s a plugin?
Plugins are the building blocks of InsightConnect workflows. Plugins consist of triggers, which listen for certain behavior and initiate workflows, and actions, which are preconfigured operations that accept, operate on, and produce workflow data.

What should I do if I encounter an issue?
If something in the Extensions Library isn’t working properly or is broken, please report it to Rapid7 Support. Or, if there’s a post here that should be reviewed due to its contents, please flag it and we will address it. In the scenario there is content that needs to be updated - such as a broken link - please provide a comment and we’ll get to it as quickly as possible. We’re always listening for feedback, and we’re thankful for every bit we receive so we can continue to improve our community for you as much as possible.

How do I find the information I need?
We’ve started by organizing Rapid7 Discuss into two main categories: Using Rapid7 Extensions and Building Rapid7 Extensions. If you’re looking to get started in creating new extensions with Rapid7 Product APIs or SDKs, then Building Rapid7 Extensions is a good place to start. If you want more info on how to best utilize extensions, hop over to Using Rapid7 Extensions. In addition, we have pre-populated tags to allow you to quickly find posts relating to Rapid7 products or content types.