Forward IDR event to Slack

Hi All, i am new to ICON and have deployed an Orchestrator and it’s fully activated and connect to the platform. I am testing my first workflow of forwarding the logs from IDR to Slack channel.

I have followed the document have integrated Rapid7 App inside Slack.

Chatbot is set inside the ICON settings.

Inside the workflow, i am calling the Chatbot channel name.

Now when i run the test from IDR by going into investigation and click on Take action, i can see the workflow, the workflow gets triggered but it fails and continue to say Chatbot channel not found.

Could not find channel “XX-SOC”. Please check that channel name is correct or that ChatOps Slack bot is added for “XX-SOC”.

i have tried everything that i can and cannot figure out what’s missing. Can anyone guide me please ?
Thanks alot in advance.

I’m going to assume that you have indeed added the ChatOps Slack bot to that channel as a user, and if that’s the case, did you leave on the “#” at the beginning of the channel name? The field in InsightConnect should be #XX-SOC

Hoping it’s the easy fix!