Forced to use American date format

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I completely understand if your business is within The United States (or Kenya, as that is literally the only two places on the planet that use this date format, and it’s optional in Kenya), but for the rest of the English speaking world, it is very annoying to have to mentally adjust to results, and worst, having to modify reports that go up the chain every month.

Any one else experience this on the regular? I have raised a Feature Request for it, though I fear it will fall on deaf ears.



As an American, I would very, extremely, hugely much prefer to use ISO 8601 date formats.

Any of these:


I think this is definitely valid, and I can see it being inconvenient having to mentally “translate” the date + modify reports for other folks who are viewing them.

We now have an IDEA ticket for this internally, and I will add both of your feedback to it so we can keep track of it. Appreciate you sharing this!


Thank you for helping to get the ball rolling.
And I agree with ctaylor’s point of having an option for ISO 8601 if needed, as it is “the” standard.


Has there been any update on this after 6 months?

Even after a year and half of using the platforum, I still thought to myself “gee that last login was a long time ago”, because 8/2/22 is not the 8th of Feb.

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As well as conforming to an international standard, ISO 8601 date formats also sort nicely without needing a date library. Neither American nor other/British-style dates have this advantage.


Kudos on the username. Sensible chuckle =)

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Hey, so this isn’t something that’s in active development right now, but it is something our team members are discussing. It’s requiring some additional investigation on our side, as far as how various date formats could impact each area of the product where dates are used (like date pickers, reporting, etc.)

I can’t give a definitive timeline as far as if/when this will be implemented, as it’s still in the “idea” phase and would be prioritized alongside other features, but I appreciate you bringing it up again. It’s good, valid feedback for our team.


Is there any update on when this is going to be implemented?


@holly_wilsey - is there any update please to this, I raised a support ticket with the following response:

Hi team,
Thanks for reaching out to Rapid Support

As a US based company the default date selected is in US format MM-DD-YYYY, unfortunately there does not appear to be any plans in the near term to adjust this or make it changeable for the user as per IDEA-4440

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