Force Insight Agent Sync

Is it possible to “force” the Insight Agent to check-in? I am noticing many “stale” agents and the “last connected” date/time appears to be not current. For example, the system I am using to type this has the agent installed but has not checked in recently (~2 weeks). Thanks!

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agents should beacon in every 30 seconds and run its various jobs automatically.

If you have a machine that has an agent installed, I’d suggest verifying the agent service is running (Called Rapid7 Insight Agent on windows).

If the service is running the next step would be to run a diagnostics check Agent Connection Diagnostics | Insight Agent Documentation

If all tests pass we should review the agent logs, found in the following path Agent Logs | Insight Agent Documentation


@david_smith I thought the beacons were every 5 minutes? Or are not all the beacons logged in the Endpoint Agent > Agent Beacon logs?

If Collector logging is enabled, you can do queries in there. Some types of agent errors appear in those logs. We have a dashboard set up to track some agent errors in that log.

Correct not all beacons are sent to the agent beacons log in log search. Just 1 every five minutes.