Force Agent Reporting - InsightVM

What is the command to force agent reporting within the InsightVM console?

from the link you can force data collection.

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Thanks @pete_jacob, I was looking all over for that link. I knew it was possible, just couldn’t remember where it was at on R7’s KB. :+1:


Indeed, that solution is the workaround. But wouldn’t be nice to have a trigger inside the InsightVM?
Imagine that you have to do this regularly, like I do(a different team is fixing some updates and asks for a recheck/re-assesment) and you don’t have access to the hosts. So you end up asking another team to do the workaround described.
I’ve asked for this new simple click feature for an year or so. Not sure when it’s coming.
@hpoff I would suggest that you open a ticket.
Hopefully when this gets more interest will be implemented.

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totally agree.

It depends on if you are using IVM in an integration. ServiceNow introduced a rescan button recently on the VITs. I’m trying to decipher how to get that going but it looks like you have to link a scan engine to IDR for it to be used. I’m hopefully going to get it up and going this week. If it works I’ll report back. It would be very handy to be able to give some low level access to rescan or even be able to have that ability inside a project that can be assigned out.