Fingerprinting Accuracy with Credentialed Scanning

Hello fellow IVMer’s ,

I am wondering if anyone out there is struggling to accurately fingerprint devices that show credentialed success?

An example of this would be if you had palo alto firewalls with read-only access to the assets. When a scan engine assesses them it shows up as Linux , or Linux Tomato. I am aware of the requesting a re fingerprint of a device during the next scan being run, but if this is only available for an individual asset at a time? I don’t see that as a very efficient way when you have a bulk of assets like this.

The other challenge is around incorrectly fingerprinted items is some hardware/operating systems are not listed when searching for the vendor/os/version . I do have a RFE in the backlog for adding one that makes up a bulk of my organizations networking fleet.

I guess my ask is for any advice, links to documentation, or helpful things youve done to improve fingerprinting without going the custom route of manually adding them to your paired scan engine.