Find and Delete Inactive Assets in InsightVM with InsightConnect!

Happy Friday friends! :cowboy_hat_face: Now with the InsightVM plugin for InsightConnect, we support the functionality to find and list all inactive assets, as well as batch delete inactive assets in your InsightVM environment.

To make it even easier to implement this new functionality in your own environment, we’ve created some prebuilt workflows you can import with one click from the extension library. Quickly and easily monitor and clean your InsightVM environment directly from Slack or Microsoft Teams!

Simply update the workflows to connect to your own Slack or Microsoft Teams instance. While the list inactive workflow is set to list assets that haven’t been scanned in 14 days, you can customize this value by changing the input for the “Get Inactive Assets” step.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any and all InsightVM + InsightConnect automation use cases you would love to see in the extension library :slight_smile: