Filtering JSON Alert Notifications

I am trying to learn how to filter out un necessary data from our teams connectors, I am pretty new to Insight Connect. Is there some good tutorials/instructions on how to do this?

Do you have some examples of what you are trying to filter? Are you trying to filter out data from a trigger or step, and how are you trying to filter it?

The default Trigger has some built in filters, otherwise you need to do some RegEx magic using the Parse Step

I am trying to filter out data,

If you are talking about what messages trigger a Workflow and ignore the other, that would be done using RegEx.
I personally use a bang command sequence e.g. !<Command> <Argument>
Some examples would be

!Reset_User_Password username@domain
!Vuln CVE-2021-44228

Brandon’s example is similar to what I do as well, beyond that it would be a combination of RegEx and explicit JSON references.

Also, here is a link to our Help and Learning section for formatting variables, queries, and JSON within Connect. Work with Variables | InsightConnect Documentation