Feauture Request - Toggle Show Vulnerabilies by host / Show Vulnerablities by Issue

This is something that has bothered me since switching jobs and going from Nessus to ISVM. When you scan a group of hosts and you are reviewing the results. You can only view each hosts and their vulnerablities, many of which are repeated in the next host. Their should be a toggle switch that can flip from “Show by Host” / “Show by Plugin” This make it much easier to do analysis and extract the info you need. Nessus has had this for years.
The only workaround I found is to run a report and the pdf will group by issue. You should be able to do this in the console as well.

Ex. Expired SSL Certificate
applies to host,
Instead of:
Expired SSL Certificate
Expired SSL Certificate

You can see similar grouping in the platform side if IVM where you can search for a vulnerability and clicking on it would list all the assets that have it. Similarly, you can also click on an asset and see all the vulnerabilities affecting it. Though this is not a simple toggle like you mentioned, it should help you out without needing to download any reports.

You can simply open the query builder and search for a vulnerability or asset or nothing for that matter and it will list out all the data over there. If you are on the asset page, you can see the vulnerabilities on each asset and if you are on the vulnerabilities page, you can see the number of instances for that vuln.

Query Builder | InsightVM Documentation (rapid7.com)