Feature to rerun jobs

Is it possible to rerun jobs with InsightConnect? We had a ton of jobs fail over the weekend.

The feature existed in Komand.

Note: Using “Test Workflow” to copy and paste job isn’t practical as there are too many failed jobs.

Hi @erick_cheng!

Thanks for the post. This functionality does not exist in InsightConnect today but we have had some discussions around adding it in. Just curious, would it be more useful for you to rerun the entire job or are you interested in running from the point of failure?


Hi Tyler,

Having both would be sweet, but I’m specifically looking to rerun the entire job. If a job fails because of a buggy workflow, having the ability to update that workflow and re-run is huge.

While you’re here, some other asks in no particular order :slight_smile:

  1. Ability to save workflow tests, so users can quickly test a workflow during dev without having to copy and paste constantly.
  2. Bulk cancel running jobs in case there’s a runaway trigger.
  3. Increase “Human Decision” timeout from 24 hours to 72 hours.
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Thanks, Erick! We love the feedback, please feel free to send over any other ideas that you have :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just ran across a use case for this (at least for the ability to rerun a step)

We have MFA but still get alerts when someone logs in from an anonymous source, when we get the alert we look for a successful MFA around the alert or historically from the source. This can result in a race condition though because they may successfully MFA after the alert is triggered and we might miss it. If no MFA is found we have a human decision to look at it and it would be nice for the reviewer to be able to rerun that check and see if things have changed by the time they get to review it.

hopefully this makes sense, my thoughts are kind of scattered

I just wanted to drop a note here that we did release the ability to rerun jobs, check out this post to learn more!


Already using it :grin: