Feature Request: Slack Interactive Message timeout max

Your Slack Interactive Message currently has a max timeout of 60 minutes. Would you please consider increasing this max?

Use Case: We’re currently using Interactive Messages for distributed alerting. The 1-hour window doesn’t give our users much time to respond.

Bonus feature request: If it does timeout, giving us the ability to customize the timeout text displayed. It’s currently set to This step has timed out (edited)

For the timeout value, what do you think a reasonable max timeout would be for your team?

Hi Tyler,

For our specific use case, we’d probably set it to around 4-8 hours, but obviously having the option for a larger window is always nice.

Same idea with the workflow’s human decision timeout. Its currently maxed at 24h, but if a decision needs to be made over the weekend, we might not get to it in time. 72h for that would be sweet :slight_smile: