Feature Request: Please give us a way to combine investigations!

I have so many times where investigations are related and I cannot do anything with that. I cannot even reference previos investigations as they have nothing that sets them apart like a case number or something. I have to copy and paste data from one investigation to another. It would be of tremendous help to be able to combine related investigations or at least have a number to reference.


Hi Kerry

While merging or combining investigations isn’t on our immediate roadmap (though we know we want to add that functionality at some point down the road!) we will be adding a unique identifier to investigations in an upcoming release that will give investigation management an entire new look and feel. This will allow you to copy the reference number quickly, search on investigations, and hopefully just navigate better through all of your many investigations.


That will be great in the interim! Thanks for the response!

That’s fantastic thank you.
Also it would be great if there is a way to dump all existing investigation notes or to perform searches on investigation notes.

Such feature would allow new security engineers to quickly get to speed.

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Would love this also

any update on this?