Feature Request: On Error Action

It would be nice if you could define an action that would happen if there was a failure in a workflow, instead of having Decision Steps after ever step checking to see if $success was true. This Step could be an email or chatops or in my case a Global Artifact Action. This would be useful even when there are issues with a Decision Step where you don’t have the option to continue on error.

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We have had a few conversations around implementing error handling outside of the workflow to be able to send notifications on failure events. Adding to a Global Artifact when something fails is new though, can you talk a little bit about what you are trying to do there?

I’m using Global Artifacts to reduce duplicate processing of alerts. With the system that I am working with the REST call pulls the top one highest severity alert that is unread. The problem is the system requires a second REST call to then mark it as read. We also have a lot of alerts that are duplicate for other reasons that we store in the Global Artifact. At the end of the Workflow it deletes the entry from the Global Artifact allowing new alerts to now get processed. The problem is if there is an error in the Workflow that entry never gets released and when I manually mark the alert unread it gets caught as a duplicate so I then also have to manually delete it from the Global Artifact.

Does this make sense or can you think of a better way to reduce the duplicates?

Thanks for the context, Brandon! That makes total sense to me and helps us for planning purposes.

As for reducing the duplicates, that approach makes sense to me. If I come across any other approaches or things that you could try, I will let you know.