Feature Request: Offer option of iterating through all Global Artifact Entries

Hello ICONers,

I think it would be useful to have “out-of-the-box” functionality to for-each every entry of a Global Artifact. I realize that I can just create a matcher that matches everything in my Global Artifact already (this is what I’m doing – it’s a hack), but I think we should be able to iterate through all entries of the Global Artifact, as if it were a list (and it probably is…somewhere in the backend…unless it is a Database table).

Global Artifacts are powerful, but I think they need this functionality to be more useful and user friendly.


Braden Rucinski
Information Security Analyst
Shelter Insurance

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What’s the use case for this?

I don’t think we’re thinking about parameters in the context of that kind of use case.

I don’t anticipate having enough parameters for a WF that I’d need to for-each over them.

Can you elaborate?

@joey_mcadams I actually need this for an internal workflow as well and opened a ticket for this.

I store entries with date and need to check if these entries are older than 30 days.
Right now I can abuse the “contains” search for this. But this doesn’t work for all use-cases.

I totally misread the original post. I’m sorry. I thought OP was referring to Parameters not GAs.

No, I concur, that would be a useful feature.