Feature Request: Job Run Variables

With the release of Parameters I got thinking about something that i still use the Storage plugin for because Global Artifacts don’t quite fit. And that is variables limited to the current Job run.
I picture these as Parameters that you would define at creation, but during the Job run you could change it just for that run.

A simple example would be to define a Boolean Parameter of $Continue or $ResetPassword both defined at start as false, but then based on logic and enrichments you might set one of these as true and it could affect future Decisions Steps down the workflow.

Currently I set a Storage Plugin as the JobID and do this, then delete the variable at the end. But this uses a bunch of extra steps that come down to my orchestrator slowing things down. I could use a Global Artifact, but without the ability to delete this would get big really fast.

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Hi Brandon!

I like this. “Dynamic Parameters”. Basically this suggestion being a lower lift approach to being able to update a parameter within a job and for the remainder of that job.

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