Feature Request for the option to have a Note on a Human Decision

When there is a Human Decision it would be nice to be able to add a reason, then be able to access that reason and the user who made the decision afterwards

{{["Human Decision"].[path_taken]}}
{{["Human Decision"].[user]}}
{{["Human Decision"].[reason]}}


@brandon_mcclure thanks for the feedback! Would you see this note as something that would be required for the user making the decision? Or maybe configurable on the decision?

Configurable, maybe even down to the decision path i.e. if you choose β€œYes” you are required to enter a note but if you choose β€œNo” a note is optional. Either way though the variable should always be there just an empty string if not so that logic can be used against it further down the Workflow without needing an is_defined first.

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This was brought up again by the team.
They really want to have the ability to put a comment for why they made a decision for training and audit purposes

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