Feature Request for the option to capture the user who made a Human Decision as a variable

We have the need to capture the user who made a human decision as a variable. I know you can see it from the UI, but for things like ITSM tickets and external logging we would need this as a variable that we could use in a later Step.

I also submitted this as an integration request because I wasn’t sure how else and i wanted it to get included in the backlogs

There is a way to do this now but it requires some work on the backend to set it up initially. You will need to create a global artifact (decisionMaker) that has two fields in it decisionMakerName and decisionMakerId these will be used to track the unique user identifier in the decision step and tie it to the user’s name.

The human decision point has a variable named decisionMakerId ({{[“Decision Point”].[decisionMakerId]}}) you can use this as a lookup on your global artifact to get the decisionMakerName, the issue right now is that information is not available in the system as you know. To get around that what I did was created a step that added the decisionMakerId to a global artifact with the job name/id attached to it. I then used that list to manually look up each job in the UI and find out who made the decision and used that information to create my decisionMaker global artifact. Once that is done you can then use a lookup step going forward to have your workflow you are wanting to track the decisionMakerName on that will lookup the decisionMakerId and return the matching decisionMakerName to be used where you need it.

For simplicity sake if you didn’t want to wait on the list to populate via an existing workflow you could create a quick generic workflow that captured decisionMakerId into a GA and have your team run the workflow and click on a decision to populate the list and then use that to create your decisionMaker GA.

Let me know if this doesn’t make sense or you have any questions.
Michael - decisionMakerId POC.icon (9.8 KB)