Feature Request for Reporting

Something that would be nice would be able to create custom dashboards.
Something like the Home tab and maybe under it.
An idea would be to be able to use a Storage Plugin or Global Artifact and the ability to display it in one of many common graph formats.
An example of this use would be if I have a Workflow that has two different paths that it could take based on Decision Steps, say a Report Phish Workflow with the outcomes of either a phish or legit. I then could have a bar graph that shows of all the times that Workflow ran, how many were determined a phish vs how many were legit emails.

Hi @brandon_mcclure,

Thank you for the request! We are starting to investigate ways to enhance InsightConnect’s Dashboard and Reporting capabilities so this feedback is timely and helpful. Are there any other related enhancements that you think would also be helpful?


two things come to mind for a Job report. One would be a cool/nice to have, the other is more of an annoyance.

The one that would be nice would be to visually see the path a Job took, this is useful if there are multiple Decisions that a Workflow could take. Something like the Workflow builder with the Actions that didn’t happen grayed out?

The other is in Decision Steps or Filters, the Variable in the Job shows up as a GUID, it would be nice if this was the value.
so when I have
{{["Action"].[String]}} =~ /^Hello/
it shows
{{[c42ab3f3-d01d-4231-93b3-9b42b929102c].[String]}} =~ /^Hello/
when it would be nice to see
"Hello World" =~ /^Hello/
Also maybe green or red if it matches

Both of these are because I’m a visual person so others might not find it as useful

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