Feature Request: Deletion of Global Artifact Entry (non-manual)

Hello ICONers,

I’m finally here in the Forum! Here’s my first of many Feature Requests – the deletion of a Global Artifact Entry, in the “Helper” Step Type. While you’re at it, why not allow editing of an entry as well? You can already manually do these actions.

Use case:

Gives you the ability to use Global Artifacts as lists, that you can fully add and remove. Extremely useful for categorizing alerts/incidents into “processed” and “unprocessed” categories, to form a queue of sorts.

Thank you,

Braden Rucinski
Information Security Analyst
Shelter Insurance

Hi @brad_ruci, welcome to the forum!

Makes total sense. Some good news - we are actively working on a Delete Helper Step so we hope to provide that functionality in the near future.

I will also add in a feature request for the Edit Helper as well.