Feature Request: Add the Actions "To Localtime" and "To UTC" to the DateTime Plugin

There are times when I need to convert UTC to Local and the other way and being in a Daylight Savings Timezone I cannot just use the Subtract Action. Could these Actions be added?

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Thanks Brandon, added a ticket to add these actions!

Hey @brandon_mcclure, we have a PR up for this at https://github.com/rapid7/insightconnect-plugins/pull/637 in case you want to provide feedback / see if it meets your needs.


looks good to me

@brandon_mcclure Rapid7 Extensions actions added!

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I know that it isn’t GA yet, but it looks like this update didn’t include the Cloud Plugin option

So I wan’t able to reproduce this in a draft Workflow and I didn’t have any other Active Workflow to try again. Also, When I went back and Edited the Workflow and Step again the Cloud option was there. I will keep an eye out to see if it happens again and gather more info

Thanks Brandon for the follow up. I think we know what may have occurred and will discuss internally to see what we can do to avoid this situation. The new datetime should be available now for cloud use as you said ;).