Feature Request: Add email from responder Output in Slack Interactive Message


It would be really nice to have the email of the person who clicked and responded to any interactive message on Slack, right now what you get is the Username, but this can be changed at user discretion, thus leaving us without consistent data. (Also Display name can be changed)

Having the email as another identifier could be beneficial across other tools (Jira, AD or so) and also could help to maintain Global Artifacts.

This is a post message with the {{STEP.[responding_user]}} string output from the Interactive message:


Then I changed my username and the variable is:



Thanks for the suggestion Mauricio. This would be a really nice feature to add. It would also make distributed alerting use-cases easier as you wouldn’t have to map Slack username to an e-mail. We will look into it.


Hey @jon_schipp,

I hope i have not missed this if its already implemented, but it would be nice to check if there is an update on this feature :+1:


Hey @mauricio_amaya, we have filed this as an internal ticket but we not have it prioritized at this time. We’re looking to make changes to our chat integrations to achieve parity and provide a better experience. This may fit in well after that.

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