Failure installing IDR agent on Windows 10 workstation

Installation success or error status: 1603

I only see a couple things in the log that look like they could be an issue:

Property(S): TARGETDIR = E:\

Property(N): VERIFYINPUTRESULT = One or more of the following files were not found: config.json, cafile.pem, client.crt, client.key. Make sure you locate these files under:
CustomAction returned actual error code 1603

Hi Aaron,

When you are installing the Agent you can choose the token method or the certificate method.

The certificate zip package already contains the Agent .msi and the following files (config.json, cafile.pem, client.crt, client.key)

Whereas the token method will pull those deployment files down at the time of install to the current directory or the custom directory you specify.

If you go to Agent Management, choose Add Agent you will be able to choose install using the token command or download a new certificate zip, extract the files and add them to your current install folder.

That doesn’t seem to work either.
I’m getting the same error messages in the logs.

Hi Aaron,

would you mind submitting a support case so we can arrange a call to look at this?


Yes, I will do that.