Failed Credentials during scan

I have a problem with the authentication scan.
Namely, when I do a credential test they come back with a success status. However, when I already do a scan, I get a login error.
I have checked various scan settings with raising services etc but nothing works. I had one scan where partial credential success was returned but then again full error returned

There are a handful of questions that could be asked here to include what type of OS are you scanning, what type of credential are you using, how is the credential set up, what services passed in the partial success, as well as diving into the scan logs to see where it’s failing.

One thing you can do is enable scanning diagnostic checks for your scan template which should add a 0-risk vulnerability line that give some more detail about what service it failed on and why including some details on how to remediate that.

However, besides getting into the weeds of username/password credentials, have you checked out the scan assistant?

If it linux system check logs ,you will understand whether authentication error if eany

Have you looked into the Scan Assistant?

We were having a boat ton of Failed Creds. Installed & Configured Scan Assistant, and they have all disappeared.

Hi, no it is a windows server

We had a similar issue.
We enabled the ability to modify registry files under scan templates and that seemed to solve the problem for us.

There is no field called modify registry files that I can see in the Full audit with web spider template. Can you confirm the name or share a screenshot?

I had similar issue with some network devices. Device had a security policy to drop connection after some many failed authentications. This caused scan to not complete and considered to be a failed scan.