Exporting discovery scan output to other site as input

I am performing Arp and ping scan for IP ranges and want to use discovered live assets list in another site to perform standard discovery sca.

Is it possible, If yes what are the steps?

Yes, this is exactly what we do. you can have your discovery scan dynamically apply an asset tag, then have a vuln scan that is a site that has those asset tags

We do this also, but we do it within the same site. Just create a dynamic asset group that includes assets from the site you’re running the ARP and ping scan on. Then add another filter for Last Scanned within 1 hour, 7 days 14 days, etc depending on your scan frequency and duration. Then add the new asset group to the site. If you’re running scheduled scans, you can check the “Include a subset of assets” option and add the group there as well.