Export users - IDR

Hello everyone.
Does anyone know how to export users to a csv or other format?
Is it possible to do it via API or in another way?


Are you referring to InsightIDR accounts?
If so you can export them at:
Settings > Export Data > Accounts

You can get the Insight Platform users with this api:

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With the process @ilyaaz_noerkhan described, that is by far the easiest, as it will export ALL users IDR is aware of, from your LDAP, Cloud Services, etc. So there will probably need to be some cleanup as there might be some duplicate users if they have multiple accounts, etc. That CSV spreadsheet will also have some columns in there showing whether the account is slated as an admin account (according to IDR based on group membership and activity) and also tagged service accounts as well!

Thank you very much for your answers @ilyaaz_noerkhan @SDavis.
The goal is to take out the users who have “Password Never Expires”.
In “Users and Accounts” I can filter these users but I can’t download them to csv or any other format.


That is correct, unfortunately, at this time the Password Never Expires column is not available in the export users csv download, or via any export on the Users and Accounts page.