Export to PDF button disabled on InsightVM platform

I’m having issues with the export to PDF button on InsightVM. It is disabled while going through the cloud console, however it works fine when I go through the local console. Is there a way to get all the options from the cloud console?

I’m assuming you mean the “Export to PDF” option from the dashboard. There’s nothing within the tool that should stop you from being able to export a dashboard to a CSV.
Screen Shot 2023-02-06 at 4.15.40 PM

I would try a different browser, updating your browser, etc to see if it’s specifically a browser issue that not letting you render that option. Although you said the option was greyed out so it’s very possible it’s on our end.

If none of those options fix it I would suggest opening a support ticket as this is not expected behavior.

Hi John,

I have attached a screenshot of it being greyed out.

I have also attached a screenshot that shows the options available on the cloud console NOT the internal VM console.

If there is a way to get the full features on the cloud console as well, please let me know.

Ah I see what you’re referring to now with the second portion.

You have not enabled Insight Platform Login yet for your account from the platform and that is why you do not have all of the options available. This doc here should give you information on how to set it up.

For the export to PDF section being greyed out, I suggest a support ticket.