Export MyWorkflow1, Import as MyWorkflow2, slack causes both to trigger

I created a super awesome workflow, yay! It triggers via chatops in a specific room.

  • @bot do_thing in #bot-room1 trigger works, and magic happens (InsightVM performs a scan of site 111) when I send a message

Now, I want to duplicate the workflow and use it in a different room. The reason for this is I want this room to be used to scan InsightVM site 222

  • Export Workflow1
  • Import Workflow, rename it
  • Configure chatops with @bot do_thing in #bot-room2
  • Configure InsightVM to scan site 222

Now, when someone in either room attempts a scan… a job for both workflows is triggered. Seems like a bug (probably due to either the trigger_uuids being reused when I import them, or a problem with the logic on chatops.channel filters)

Did you activate the flow accidentally before you configured it? Make sure you don’t have an extra activated flow.

Nope, 1x original, 1x copy; both with unique chatops channels. I wonder if chatops uses the like operator for filtering? One room is called “bookworms” , and the other room is called “bookworms-2”

Oh. Yea…it’s regex filtering. So if you have just “bookworms” in there, it’s going to match both.

I believe you’ll need “^bookworms$” in one flow (“starts with bookworms exactly”)

That was it… It might be a good idea to either move the “This is a regex” specification out of the tooltip and into the UI directly, or add a checkbox that silently wraps it in ^<channel_name>$ … I’d imagine most folks would be happy with “provide the exact name of the channel you want to trigger on”… so maybe leave it on by default?