Excluding Asset Groups From Scheduled Discoveries

Was wondering if anyone had trouble with Discoverys running, but you have excluded a group of ips that are not supposed to be discovered anymore, but it doesn’t seem to be working. The excluded group of ips keep getting discovered. That group was set up to grab anything that has already been scanned already to NOT be discovered again, but just keeps ongoing. Do i have to exclude via ip instead of group or split that range up to not include that group of ips, it cant just skip over it because
“hey, i have a group that includes to EXCLUDE this ip so lets not disover it again”…???

Hi Vanessa,

If you have an asset group that has assets included in a site, under manage site under listing assets to include in scope. There should be a section over to your right where an asset group can be specified to exclude from those discovery scans.

Hope this helps.