Exclude assets - wildcards in IP ranges

We’re trying to clean up the Sites in our environment, particularly the excluded assets. Is there a way to include wildcards in IP ranges? Here’s an example:

Our networking department uses .1 and .2 for equipment that we want excluded from certain sites. What I would like to do is exclude 10.x.x.1 - 10.x.x.2 (or even 10.10.x.1 - 10.10.x.2). While the input for asset exclusions accepts that format, the assets are still scanned and discovered. Is this possible? If not, does anyone have a similar situation, and how are you handling it? Just importing a text file with that exclusion for every subnet?

Thanks for your input!

If these systems are still scanned in some sites, then you could create a dynamic asset group with a filter that would only include the .1 and .2.
It would probably be a like operator on the IP field. This operator supports regex.
Then you could add this group as an excluded asset group to certain sites.

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Interesting! I had no idea those operators supported regex. I did some testing and built an expression that can filter those IPs out. I’ll tinker a little more and see what I can come up with. Thanks!

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I’m curious…any luck?
(Default gateways and other switch interfaces not rolling up to the single switch asset drives me crazy)

That’s exactly the issue we’re trying to remedy (one of them, anyway). It seems to be a viable solution so far, but I’m still working with our networking department to determine what IPs/ranges can safely be filtered out. The only downside to the approach I can see is that it will still affect your total asset count (and thus, your license). In short, here’s the setup:

  • Discovery site set to scan our entire IP range, discovery only
  • All other sites are populated using dynamic asset groups
  • Dynamic asset groups using the “IP Address”, “like” or “not like” with the following regex as a base:

I’m avoiding using anything to dynamic asset groups to populate sites wherever possible, and also making use of global exclusions.