Exceptions expiring in x days on groups

I’m trying to get a list of vulnerability exceptions, expiring in 60 days, together with the IP and hostname for each asset. The issue that I’m having is that I can’t get the list of names and IPs for vulnerabilities applied on groups.

For example, the following statement, lists only vulnerabilities applied on an Asset:

dim_vulnerability_exception AS dve
JOIN dim_asset AS da USING (asset_id)
WHERE dve.expiration_date >= NOW()
AND dve.expiration_date < NOW() + INTERVAL ‘60 DAY’
AND dve.status_id = ‘A’

While this may easily be modified to list the IP and hostname for the vulnerable instance, I can’t find a way to list vulnerabilities applied to groups, and the assets within those groups. Can’t really find how to link the group_id key in dim_vulnerability_exception.
Can someone help please?