Evaluate and Investigate Jobs from the InsightConnect Home Page!

:boom::boom: Welcoming The NEW Completed Jobs card to the InsightConnect Home Page! :boom::boom: We built this card to help our customers easily evaluate and investigate any spikes in job status directly from the InsightConnect Home Page. With the Completed Jobs chart, you’ll be able to see at a glance feedback that your SOAR solution is functioning correctly over time.

Screen Shot 2021-08-16 at 11.57.15 AM

Hover over a segment of the graph to see more information on how many jobs passed or failed on the specific date selected. Additionally, take action from the Home Page by clicking on a segment for a job (either pass or fail) on a specific date, and be taken to a corresponding filtered view of the jobs page, filtered by date and job status. Compare Completed Jobs data between the current and previous timescale to see how new workflows or updates to your environment affect the statistics!

Read more about the new updates in our documentation . Have feedback? :mega: As always, let us know what you like & how we can improve this experience for you!