Email Reports

Is there a way to have any of the generated reports emailed directly to a specific email address?

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Hey @kristen_jakupak this isn’t currently available for the InsightAppSec reports but something we have been exploring. Are there any specific reports you would like to email directly and who would the end users be for the emailed reports?
We are really interested to know more about how users would utilise this type of functionality and how it would improve their experience within the product.

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I’d say any/all of the reports would be awesome to be able to email capabilities. The end user ideally would either be the administrators within the InsightAppSec console, or just have the ability to enter an email address for whenever the report has completed (and have the report attached to it).

It’d be cool to be able to set that email in the “Schedules” section, when setting up a schedule for a scan on an app.

Hey @kristen_jakupak this is great feedback and we will add this to the other feedback/research we have done on this topic. We have done some initial mock ups how this type of experience would work in product and will contact you again when these are a bit further along, to get some additional feedback.