Edit Plugin?

Good day community! I am building a workflow and would like to be able to query if an IP is related to VPN or Proxy IP’s. On the webpage itself ipinfo.io shows this information but the Plugin apparently does not.

Is there a way to edit the plug-in to include these fields? Or would this be a feature request via support ticket to Rapid7?

Or is there another plugin that would accomplish what I’m looking to do?

Thanks all in advance!


You can absolutely modify the plugin to suit your use case. The majority of InsightConnect plugins are open sourced here: https://github.com/rapid7/insightconnect-plugins

The README in the repository also includes information on getting started with plugin development. For more thorough details on development, the documentation for plugin development can be found here: https://komand.github.io/python/start.html

The modified plugin could be imported into your InsightConnect instance as a custom plugin; or if you think that others could benefit from the additions, you’re absolutely welcome to submit a pull request :slight_smile:

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Actually, if you enable the privacy detection part of your ipinfo.io subscription, those fields will show up in the output of the plugin, however, you’ll have to look for them manually as they’re not configured currently.

So if you have the privacy API enabled, you’ll be able to get at those values like this…

["Step Name"].["privacy"].["vpn"]

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Thank you for the info! i’ll have to look into that. I have just been testing this plugin with the free version.

I will have to play around with this. Thank you for the direction!