Edge Vulnerabilities showing up

anyone seeing edge in their vulnerability lists? I have 4 for recent edge vulns that i feel are all patched.

Here is one example.

Microsoft Edge Chromium: CVE-2023-4761 Out of bounds memory access in FedCM

it states “Out of bounds memory access in FedCM in Google Chrome prior to 116.0.5845.179” and that my version is Microsoft Edge 116.0.1938.81.

I feel like this is looking at the chrome version and not the edge version.

Microsoft lists the version i have as being the latest version that was released on Tuesday.

Microsoft Edge release notes for Stable Channel | Microsoft Learn

Yes. Same here. I opened a support case

Thanks, we just did the same…

Rapid 7 Team. Any updates on this one?

Same here

Our tooling accidentally picked up the Chromium version instead of the Edge version for these checks. This was rectified with Friday’s content release.

Please ensure you have taken the content from Friday 15th September to rectify this issue.