Dynamic asset groups not updating after several hours


I recently observed that dynamic asset groups are not updated on time. When editing the criterias and searching for assetIDs, the ‘on the fly’ list of assets is correct, but the list is not updated in the asset group itself. New assets are not added when needed.

Did you also observe that ?
If yes, did you identify the root cause ?

tx in advance,


I had seen that in the past when I was using dynamic asset groups for scheduled scans. I could never figure out why.

This is my big problem with InsightVM and I have a long open escalated case for it. Basically updating the dynamic asset groups and dynamic tags is another ‘job’ to do for the console to perform. If we have a lot of assets, a lot of complex DAG and DT then all these postgreSQL db jobs fall behind no matter how much CPU and RAM is available. The only recommendation I got from support so far is: ‘do not use complex dynamic asset groups and tags so much’

Update: worked with support and it seems that modifying value of Set custom property com.rapid7.sql.export.batch.size=ABCXYZ helps in this scenario of dynamic asset groups are not updated on time. Open a support case and mention this.