Dynamic Asset Group with last 2 IP octets

While trying to build a Dynamic Asset Group (DAG), I found there are limitations on searching for IPs, including a search for the last two octets of an IP. Using a DAG rule with IP address like 10.2, the system finds anything in any of the 4 octets. I am looking for any IP ending in 10.2, not 10.20, 10.200.x.x, 110.201.x.x; only x.x.10.2.

How do I achieve creating a DAG that will only match specifically on the last 2 octets of an IP that I enter? Do I need regex to do this? If so, please help with what that will entail to reach the end goal.

@kbruce, you can do this with regex. For some reason, you have to encode the tail but not the start. \$ is your friend.

IP address like ^[0-9]+\.[0-9]+\.10\.2\$


This perfectly hits the nail on the head. Many thanks and very helpful.