Duplicating Assets with Citrix/VDI environment

Any other customers out there run insight agents on citrix / vdi infrastructures?

I’m looking to see if anyone else who performs citrix updates to the golden image, promotes and pushes it out. I believe IVM is treating all the updated systems as new assets? Therefore bringing in more clutter, and stale data.

I think I remember the product team having some sort of asset linking - correlation for these types of environments ?

The last I knew, if you’re using non-persistent VDIs, then it’s working as expected because each time those spin up it’s a new resource.
Persistent VDIs can be scanned and should maintain a single asset record because it should keep its unique identifiers.

We fought this battle for a long time and had to give up scanning non-persistent images. The solution was to scan the base/golden images and add a multiplier to an effect of how many VDIs could be spun up from that image.