Duplicate Assets in console

We have several Agents in the Console that have the same IP, Mac address, Host name, and Windows UUID. But the Agent and Console IDs are different. We believe this is happening every time the Agent updates. The Problem is the “Last Scan date” is today, but looking at each duplicate separately one has scan history of today (2-22-23) and one has scan history Stopping 125 days ago (10-20-22).
This is causing a lot of Duplicates and Having a dynamic group for last scanned >60 days ago doesn’t work as it halfway correlates the two and shows both as scanned today (even though the history on that asset shows different)

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i have seen this in our console as well.

Annoying to detect and deal with because as you say, the “Last Scan Date” always shows as today even if the actual scan date was months ago.

Support Was able to confirm what I found

“That definitely seems like that is where its coming from. It seems like they know they are the same asset and updating the last scan as if its one but two different assets. There is times where it looks at its history in the backend of when it got imported and if the agent id was different or there was something different it wont change it in the backend and it wont retroactive correlate even though the new data of the asset suggest otherwise. That is the reason why the assets would need to be deleted and allowed to be imported again to start from a clean sleight.”

The only Issue I’m still working on is the Dynamic group wont pull anything due to it thinking it was scanned today

Hi, I’m also seeing duplicate assets in environment. Was there any fix provided?

I think this conversation is mostly going back to data retention settings from the administration page. If you’re retaining all data then you may have multiple asset_ids for the same asset. If one of those assets has not been scanned in over 120 days then a data retention setting of 2 months should wipe those out of your database.