Duplicate assets in AWS

Hiya. In our InsightVM / Nexpose console we have a site with an AWS discovery connection. Assets are being created properly, however we see duplicates created over time.

The correct asset record has the internal DNS name of the instance and scan data, but no meta-data. The duplicate record has only the ec2 metadata but no scan data, no details (e.g. MAC address) and no DNS name, only the IP and ec2 default name (e.g. ip-xx-xx-xx-xx.ec2.internal)

Support so far has been unable to solve this. Our DNS resolvers are consistent across all scan engines and the console.

Has anyone else run into this and maybe resolved it?

I checked with the team on this and we’ve actually identified the duplicate AWS assets issue as a known issue within the product. We’ve got a ticket in for it and are planning to implement a fix in the coming months.

Ok dokie… thanks for the follow up!

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