DUO MFA for Admin Signin to Rapid7 Portal

This: Knowledge Base | Duo Security

says I can “Protect Rapid7 admin logins with Duo using the [Rapid7-built Duo Auth API integration]”

I take that to mean, I can use DUO push for MFA in the Rapid7 portal if set up properly. Has anyone been successful in doing this? I got as far as installing the DUO Auth Ext, test connecting it to the DUO platform and it all checks out.

How would I now go about building a workflow that would leverage it when Admins sign into R7?



Hi @nathan_hughes, sorry for the delay here. Unfortunately our platform does not support Duo pushes for authentication. You can check out our multi-factor documentation for supported vendors and information on how to set them up.

We do support the Duo Admin and Auth APIs in the form of plugins that can be leveraged as a part of an automated workflow in InsightConnect but those cannot be leveraged for authentication into the Rapid7 platform unfortunately.