Does authenticated discovery scans count towards licence?

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We currently have a scan license for 10k assets. We will soon reach this limit and therefore need to increase the license. If I now perform an authenticated discovery scan on networks that have not been scanned yet, I will probably massively exceed the 10k mark. The documentation states that discovery scans are not counted towards the license. Is this also the case for authenticated discovery scans?
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My understanding is a license is only used when you run a vulnerability check, therefor an authenticated discovery scan should not count towards your license.


Yea, you were right. I just finished all discovery scans and it did not count towards the license.


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What I do is regular assets cleansing. To do that I created 2 asset groups:

  1. Assets which were not scanned for more than 30 days


  1. Assets with no OS and no vuln

Every week or so, I purge assets appearing in those asset groups.